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Why Steve Nash Should Re-Sign With Phoenix

In NBA on May 27, 2012 at 7:15 pm

Put me in the minority of folks yearning to see which destination Steve Nash will land, once the NBA’s free agency opens up.

As everyone seems to be clamoring for Nash to take his talents to Miami, or the Lakers, or rejoin Amar’e Stoudemire (who supposedly left Phoenix in 2010 not only for a bigger, guaranteed contract in New York, but to ironically leave the shadow cast by Nash), or even the fringe group who, for some reason, wants Nash in Portland, I for one hopes he stays where he’s at.

Sure, there are those who cry Nash must leave Phoenix because he’s too old, and over the hill. That his window of opportunity is surely shut if he stays with the team he has played with for ten years. Yet, funnily enough, those same people crying about Nash’s age are usually Laker, Heat, Knicks or Blazers fans. Or associated with ESPN. It’s as if Nash is too old in Phoenix, but man, he sure would look fantastic in (insert your team here)’s jersey…

What team wouldn’t be attracted to Nash?

There is no question that, in basketball years, Nash is old. He’s 39 years old to be precise. But at 39 it’s as if he’s going on 20, rather than 40. Maybe that’s too generous. How about 22? Regardless, he is still performing at a level far better than a majority of NBA point guards, and far better than a majority of NBA point guards available to Phoenix this free agency. Look  what he did this season: he turned a team that would have surely been a top-five lottery pick into a team that was a victory over Utah away from going to the playoffs.

I’m sure there are those in Phoenix who want Nash gone, who will point to that fact (Nash ruined the team’s lottery chances) as reason why he must leave. That the team can’t get any worse in order to get better. That only a number one lottery pick will secure the future of the franchise.

But think about this: for every Lebron James there’s Kwame Brown. If that comparison seems too extreme, because it is, think about this: for every number one pick there is a Kenyon Martin.

Martin is a pretty good player and former All-Star, but how much success has he brought the teams he’s played for? How many championships has Martin won? After you think about that, factor in all the Elton Brand’s and Joe Smith’s and Michael Olwokandi’s and you’ll realize that tanking to get the first pick doesn’t always mean a championship. It doesn’t even mean the playoffs. Or a .500 season.

And then what happens if the team doesn’t even get the number one pick, and has to pick second? Then remember Sam Bowie and Greg Oden (although Oden makes Bowie a Hall of Famer by comparison).

Nash is the best player the Phoenix Suns have. He’s arguably one of the best players available in free agency. The team should not let him walk without making every possible effort to re-sign him. Tanking doesn’t guarantee winning, only winning guarantees that (I am fully aware how obvious that statement is). Cutting off your nose to spite your face doesn’t do anything except make you ugly. And even then, no plastic surgery can guarantee a fix.

“Bwwwwaaahhhh, I have no idea what I’m doing!”

Granted, the Phoenix Suns are owned by Robert Sarver, considered one of the worst owners in basketball, so signing any free agent worth the money might be difficult for the team. But if the Suns can convince Nash to play out the rest of the his career with them, they should bend over backwards to any request he makes. He seems like a nice guy. Except for wanting good players to help him win, I’m sure none his requests are too far-fetched.


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