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The San Francisco Giants Should Consider Trading Brian Wilson

In MLB on May 29, 2012 at 9:05 am

While only two years removed from their first Word Series Championship since moving to the Bay Area 56 years earlier, the San Francisco Giants should consider trading the man who threw their final out.

The Giants should deal The Beard.

“I am completely insane.”

Now I know there will be those in San Francisco crying, “but what about all the jerseys, and t-shirts, and fake Santa Claus beards, and shoe polish I bought to dye said fake Santa Claus beards? Don’t you know I have a $2500-a-month rent to make? If they trade Wilson, what am I supposed to do?”

First, I would recommend looking into a rent controlled place further inland, and then I would bring up how Wilson is more like damaged goods at this point of his career than a feared major league closer. And this was before he even got hurt.

Sure, it was all fun and games when Wilson had the mohawk, and yes, it was quite the chuckle when he grew the beard. But then The Beard’s beard birthed a life of its own. The Beard’s gimmick became too gimmicky. Heck, The Beard started being referred to as ‘The Beard.’

While Wilson was sort of a big deal in the pitching world (and still borderline crazy) before being rocketed to stardom after the 2010 Word Series, he became too big a deal (and certifiably insane), afterward. His game became distracted. He became a distraction.

And then pop! went the elbow, and here came a second Tommy John surgery. Tommy John is a funny thing. When it first came out, odds were 1-in-100 that you were back to normal. Now it’s more like 85%-to-90%. Some pitchers come back like nothing happened, while others spend years trying to find their former selves. Some are never the same. And that’s after only the first go around at surgery.

It’s a huge gamble to trade Wilson, for sure. If Wilson storms back from rehab stronger (and hopefully a little humbler) than before, then the Giants still have one of (if not the) best closers in baseball. But if he doesn’t, than they will have a struggling pitcher who will get very annoyed that a) he can’t perform at the same level he did before surgery, and b) the fame of yesterday is no longer the same. If that happens, Wilson will become a toxic asset in the clubhouse, and trying to move him then will only yield a lesser return than dealing him during recovery, when other gamblers are betting on a return of The Beard of old.

And look at the potential returns. Right now the Giants are second place in the NL West. Sure, it’s to the Dodgers, the best team in baseball, but it’s only May, and the closest competition, the injury-plauged Diamondbacks, are dropping to the DL like flies. One idea is moving Wilson for a perform now, big time veteran hitter  (practically anyone on the Red Sox is probably available) to help with the offense and stabilize a clubhouse filled with young talent. Another idea is the Giants moving Wilson for a heap of hitting prospects to cure the inept offense that has plagued them for years.

Everyone on this team can hit better than the San Francisco Giants.

Yes, for Giants fans, it would be sad to see the departure of a player who has become an icon to the city. But who knows? If Sergio Romo steps up a bit, maybe he, and not Santiago Cassila, would be the Giants’ next closer. He and Wilson sort of look-alike. Maybe you won’t have to get rid of those Santa Claus beards after all.

  1. There are a lot of beards in this clubhouse, Romo perhaps having the best (anyone else think he looked like a conquistador as he brushed that magnificently well-groomed beard, until he cut it over the weekend?) but Casilla’s been known to hide some cookies in his facial hair as well. So I guess that covers the whole “merchandise” issue of “FEAR THE BEARD.”

    Secondly, HELL YES trade B-Willy to Beantown for some pop! The Giant’s relief might be a bit thin, but they’re aren’t losing games because of it … they’re losing games due to lack of run support. Even with Panda coming back, Pagan actually making contact as leadoff, and Posey starting to strike, they still need some pop in the lineup!

    Nobody questions what could be called one of the best pitching staffs in the NL, but pitchers need RUN SUPPORT!

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