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Lefty, Tony and the San Diego Padres

In Golf, MLB on June 5, 2012 at 6:18 am

About a week ago, reported that golfing legend Phil Mickelson was joining a purchasing group to make a bid on the San Diego Padres.

“And this is for that other time Tiger beat me!”

Whatever needs to happen in order to make that happen, needs to happen.

(…I am not proud of that sentence…)

While committing a hefty sum to the purchase, Mickelson wouldn’t be buying the club himself, and there’s no indication he would even be the majority owner. Still, his inclusion would bring serious benefits to the beach-side ball club, as well as the community. Mickelson would be a prominent face in ownership, on par to the Padres what Magic Johnson is to the Dodgers (hear me out).

While Mickelson warrants, in no way, the star power of Magic Johnson (and I’m sure the Padres will be much more of a bargain than the Dodger’s $2 billion price tag), he would still bring a sign of hope to a city which has seen it’s baseball team gutted over the past two years (who outside of San Diego really knew who Adrian Gonzalez was before he became the face of the BoSox?). To a city that has lived under constant threat that their football team is going to hightail it 120 miles up the I-5, whenever L.A. gets around to building that stadium. To a city that has recently lost one of their biggest hometown heroes. Yes, Mickelson would be a poor man’s Magic, but things are just bigger in L.A.. Let’s not fault San Diego for that.

San Diego is a a great city. A great city with a great stadium, and a fan base anxious to exercise their demons of coming so close all these years, and never winning it all. The last time they were close to doing anything, the Giants came out of no where and ended their curse instead. Then Gonzalez was gone, and their ‘magic’ over.

Mickelson would bring confidence to the city, which would start the rebuilding process by filling the stadium seats and hopefully spreading goodwill to the players (and with the way they’re been playing, anything could help, right?).

The Padres need something like this. They need a hometown kid stepping up for the community. They need a face they can trust. In fact, the only thing that would be better for San Diego, would be if Padres legend and Hall-of-Famer Tony Gwynn made a bid for the team. Which he did. With a different purchasing group. The week before Mickelson.

“You should be grateful I still care, given how you treated my son…”

Gwynn is the San Diego Padre. He took the team to their second World Series, only to meet the Yankees during their latest dynasty. You want to talk about bringing a little consistency to a team that needs it? Gwynn was Mr. Consistent during his twenty-year career with his one-and-only club. Never a home run threat, Gwynn was someone you knew would always get you on base. The only face better suited than Mickelson to be the representative of a purchasing group in San Diego would be Gwynn’s.

No matter who else steps up and tries to make a bid, hopefully the decision will only be between these two homegrown sons trying to help the community. Now, if only these two could have jumped on the same boat, San Diego might be all sunshine after all. Hopefully, who ever does win, will decide to invite the other to a position with the team, even if only a symbolic one or not.

Because whatever needs to happen to make one of these things happen, needs to happen.

Because San Diego just needs something to come together over.

May the best man win.

  1. Interesting, I didn’t realize the Padres were up for sale. Gwynn makes better baseball sense, but Magic proves it’s not about what sport you played but your name, and Mickelson is a bigger name.

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