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The A’s Should Stay Quiet At The Trade Deadline

In MLB on July 25, 2012 at 12:23 am

With the MLB trade deadline fast approaching, there have been a swirl of rumors concerning that other team in the Bay Area. You know, the one with more than one World Series championship in the last 58 years.

Whether it’s the A’s supposedly chasing San Diego’s Chase Headley, or Arizona’s Stephen Drew and/or Justin Upton, or even Miami’s Hanley Ramirez (who got traded to the Dodgers the second I went to publish this article) it seems the Athletics are rumored to be dumping their entire roster at the deadline, in order to build a new, better team for the second half. In order to help with a run at a potential playoff spot.

“So this is what it’s like to win, huh?”

With the Diamondback’s General Manager Kevin Towers recently commenting how Upton was no longer on the trading-block (at least during this season), and with Drew not being much of an upgrade, the A’s should only make a move on Headley or Ramirez, if they don’t have to sell the farm to do so.

And let’s be honest, how likely is that?

Instead, I’m in a tiny minority who think the A’s should stay quiet this trade deadline, to see what the team they constructed can offer. Right now the team is more-or-less tied with the Angels, and are only five games behind the Rangers in the AL West. The team just swept the Yankees (pre-Ichiro), which is some sort of proof that the team can compete with the best around.

Quite frankly, the A’s haven’t been this intriguing since Brad Pitt was running them last year.

“Don’t look at me, I didn’t think they could do it either.”

That’s because the A’s are doing something they practically haven’t done for a decade, which is win.

Right now there is chemistry in the clubhouse, and the team is right there with the rest of the AL West. Right now is not the time to scramble things up and bring in different faces while shipping out some who made this run possible. Manager Bob Melvin and the rest of the guys have earned a chance to see what they can prove. They’ve earned a chance to play without the fear of being replaced. They’ve earned the right to play.

Let’s hope Brad Pitt lets them.


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