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Thoughts On MLB Deadline Deals

In MLB on August 1, 2012 at 9:30 am

Well, it’s the day after the MLB trade deadline, and I don’t know about you, but I’m still trying to wrap my head around some of the trades that happened not only last night, but leading up the cutoff as well.

Here’s a few that stuck out.

1. Yankees Trade For Ichiro

Like rainy weather and bitter Sonics fan, Ichiro Suzuki has been synonymous with the city of Seattle. That all changed last week though, when out of no where the Yankees came to town and decided to leave #51 before the series was even over.

See translator for what Ichiro said.

Seeing Ichiro in a jersey different than the Mariners might be strange, but this is 2012; Peyton’s not a Colt, Nash isn’t a Sun, and the world’s supposed to end. This also continues the long tradition of the Yankees obtaining any and all players they want, whenever they want. Not even the Lakers can say that. You thought it was strange seeing the Queen of England speak in a non-formal setting during the Olympics Opening Ceremony last week? Wait until the Yankees sign her to play shortstop once Derek Jeter retires. She’s going to be epic.

2. Dodgers Desperately Wish They Were The Yankees

Speaking of the Yankees, the Dodgers are doing everything they can to try to become NYY-West.

“Do I get to play shortstop again? I better get to play shortstop again.”

After entering Opening Day with what seemed like a ten-game lead in the division, the Dodgers now sit one game behind the Giants (even though they swept San Francisco last week), and are on the verge of getting swept by Arizona.

But at the trade deadline, it was like all of a sudden the owners realized they spent waaaaay too much money not to just buy whomever they please, so they traded for Marlins mainstay Hanley Ramirez, Philadelphia icon and outfield slugger Shane Victorino, and Mariner’s reliever Brandon League. Time will tell if the Dodgers can actually be like the Yankees and become perennial contenders due to their spending habits, or if they will be like every fan in LA wearing a Dodger hat. A wannabe.

3. Giants Right Wrong From Last Year

Last year, the Giants had a chance to get Hunter Pence, but went for the cheap and got Carlos Beltran instead. This season Beltran is having a great year, but the problem is he plays for St. Louis.

“I could have been doing this in a Giants uniform last year.”

Unlike a lot of teams out there, the Giants were quick to admit their mistake and went after the guy they should have gone after all along. The guy who might have prevented the team from having to watch the guys in Arizona jump into the pool last year. Quite frankly, Pence is what the Giants needed all along.

Although now that he’s a Giant, Hunter Pence Bobblehead Night, scheduled for August 31 in Philadelphia, might be a little problematic. Can those things quickly be repainted black and orange, and shipped across the country? Nope? You know what, don’t even worry about it.

4. Diamondbacks Continue To Trade Fan Favorites

Last year, the D-backs made a last second move and shipped Kelly Johnson to Toronto for John McDonald and Aaron Hill. Johnson was popular in Arizona, but nowhere near as popular as Ryan “Tatman” Roberts, whom they shipped to the Tampa Bay for an infielder prospect earlier in the week, then made a move on Astro’s third basemen Chris Johnson.

From one hot city with an expansion team to another.

With Hill becoming the first player in 80 years to hit two cycles in a single season, last year’s trade has so far worked out for Arizona. Regardless of what some are saying, if Chris Johnson’s Grand Slam debut against the Dodgers is any indication, maybe this reshuffling at Arizona’s hot corner might work out too. Either way, it’s always sad to see a fan favorite go.

5. The Rangers Will Be Damned If They Lose A Third Straight World Series

While missing out on a third-straight ring might endear the nation to the hard-luck franchise, the Rangers would rather have less fans and a trophy then consider the implications of expanding their market. Bring in Ryan Dempster, arguably the best available pitcher at the trade deadline.

“With the Cubs, I never won any games or a World Series. With the Rangers, at least I can win a lot of games!”

The A’s might be the best story in baseball right now, and the Angels got a lot better by adding Zack Greinke, but the Rangers have come too far to not do everything possible to get over the hump. Nolan Ryan thinks the team’s fans in Dallas deserve a parade. Heck, even the Mavericks were able to give the city one. Sometimes the world just isn’t fair.

6. Fire Sale In Miami!

No matter how you spin it, the Marlins are up to their old salary dumping tricks again. If they aren’t even going to try, neither am I.

“Everything must go!”


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