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The NFL Has Bigger Issues To Deal With Than An Ice Bath

In NFL on August 22, 2012 at 4:43 pm

A few days ago, parents nationwide got upset because Jason Pierre-Paul (of the New York Giants) threw Prince Amukamara (also of the Giants) over his shoulder like he was Santa Claus carrying a sack of toys, then dropped those toys into a bath filled with ice water.

Ho ho ho.

People were quick to condemn Pierre-Paul, because he was allegedly “hazing” Amukamara. Pierre-Paul is supposed to be a role model, critics cried, and now his young and impressionable fans will think it’s okay to bully others. It’s as if kids everywhere are suddenly asking themselves, if Jason Pierre-Paul can be a bully, why can’t I?”

If kids nationwide are suddenly asking themselves this, their parents have bigger problems to worry about than two grown men screwing around in a locker room. Society has bigger problems.

If I were Pierre-Paul, and someone told me I had to apologize to the nation-at-large for horsing around with my teammate, I would have a pretty blunt statement to say. Then, after calming down, the more politic version of me would say, “What I did was bubblegum and apple pie compared to what other guys in the league are doing.”

If I were Pierre-Paul, I would point to Chad Johnson and Dez Bryant, who were both recently arrested for domestic violence, as comparisons to how wholesome my actions were. In fact, between the Super Bowl and July 17th of this year, 25 current NFL players have been arrested for a variety of charges. If Ryan Leaf still played, those charges would have easily doubled.

“I suck at life.”

“Look at them as poor examples in the NFL,” I would say. “Not me,” I would say. “What I did was innocent when you think about it.”

Don’t get me wrong, bullying is a serious issue, and as a society we should do things to curb it. To the Giants credit, they have done a lackluster attempt at shaking their finger at Pierre-Paul and saying “don’t do that again,” and “I can’t believe we have to talk about this…”

And quite frankly, who can? Yeah, we should do things to curb bullying and set good examples for our children, but the NFL has convicts playing in their league. It has bounty programs where players are getting paid to give other players brain damage. The NFL has far worse issues affecting it’s young and impressionable fans than a stupid ice dunk.

Did Pierre-Paul use “potty language” after throwing Amukamara into the ice bath? Sure, but in the large scheme of things, who cares? Get a towel, dry yourself off. I’m sure once Amukamara does the same, he’ll laugh about it too.


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