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It’s A Race!

In MLB on September 5, 2012 at 4:21 pm

In the fine fashion of the 2011 Boston Red Sox, the New York Yankees are in the midst of a late season meltdown. After blowing a ten-game lead in the AL East, the Yanks are now tied with the Baltimore Oriole’s for first place in the division. Meanwhile, the Tampa Bay Rays are not far behind.

The media, Yankee players, brass and fans all seem wondering “how the heck did this just happen?”

“Oh no!”

Right now, the Orioles are playing like Cal Ripken is back on the team, and the Rays are continuing their defiance toward having to spend money to compete in one of the most expensive divisions in baseball.The Yankees still have twenty-seven more games to play, but is that going to be enough to rebuild a division lead, or just fall further into the worst collapse in New York Yankee history?

When the playoffs start, who’s going to end up representing the AL East?


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