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In NFL on September 17, 2012 at 12:04 pm

Fans of traditional football aren’t fans of Tim Tebow.

“He’s just a halfback who throws,” his critics argue. He “doesn’t have the right mechanics for the position.” He “isn’t a traditional NFL quarterback.”

Insert something overly positive here.

The average fan though, loves the guy. He’s wholesome, he tries hard, and when he starts, all he does is win.

That is why the New York Jets need to #FreeTebow

This isn’t about how Mark Sanchez looked phenomenal in his week one start against the Buffalo Bills, or how the Jets sputtered this Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. This isn’t about how coordinator Tony Sparano needs to incorporate the Wildcat into the Jets’ offense next Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. This has nothing to do with Sanchez, Sparano or even the Jets.

This just has to do with Tim Tebow. This just has to do with how he needs to play.

And as long as Tebow is a Jet, he won’t. Despite Sanchez’s flaws and struggles, the team isn’t going to get rid of the other quarterback anytime soon. There is no place for Tebow calling plays in New York.

And while Tebow doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would ever come out and demand a trade, the Jets need do just that. The Jets need to trade their backup QB to a team that can give him a legitimate chance to play the position. Keeping him for an occasional gimmick play here, or a block on special teams there, is a disservice to the player and his fans. Considering how he performed last year on a Broncos franchise still pining for John Elway to come out of retirement, when he lead them to a playoff victory over the heavily favored Steelers, it’s just a disservice to football, whether you’re a traditional fan or not.

Whether you love or hate the guy, he deserves a shot to start on Sundays.

Now the Jets need to find a way to make that happen.


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