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What’s Old Is New Again

In MLB on October 5, 2012 at 5:16 pm

With the one-and-done elimination game already taking place, this is going to be quick. Before we go any further, it’s time for the baseball lovers in all of us to take pause. To take a moment and make sure we realize what is happening before us.

A tip of the hat to you.

Miguel Cabrera won the first Triple Crown since 1967.

October baseball is being played in DC.

The Baltimore Orioles are in the playoffs.

So are the Reds.

The Oakland A’s look like the most dominant team in baseball.

In 2012, what is old is new again, and some of the oldest, most storied franchises in the sport are in the hunt for another World Series banner.

The Tigers haven’t won it all since 1984. DC last hosted a series in 1933. The Orioles last won in 1983. The Reds, 1990. The A’s, 1989. Heck, even Chipper Jones is in the playoffs right now, and he’s retiring after this season after playing nineteen years for the same franchise (Atlanta Braves).

An old boys club with nothing but fresh, young faces.

Sure, there are some old timey teams who won a ring recently (the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants), and one old timer who always seems to win (New York Yankees), but this is a special year. It’s as if all of your grandpa’s teams are having a revival.

And while we wouldn’t want October to become solely an old boy’s club, sometimes it’s nice to party like’s it’s 1933. Or ’83. Or ’84, or ’89, or ’90. Or…


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