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World Series Prediction

In MLB on October 24, 2012 at 11:06 am

If the Blue Jays aren’t in the World Series, why is there a maple leaf at the bottom of the logo?

Who really saw this one coming?

Sure, with their superb pitching staff, led by Cy Young winner Justin Verlander, along with an offense led by Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera, and big offseason acquisition Prince Fielder, we all pretty much expected the Tigers to be playing in this year’s fall classic.

But in the National League, after playing six consecutive elimination games, the San Francisco Giants are in their second World Series in the last three years. And who knew it would be led by a) the quietest, yet probably biggest mid-season acquisition in all of baseball, Marco Scutaro, and b) Barry Zito, the overpaid pitcher everybody gave up on.

It’s an unexpected series, and while most ESPN analysts have the Tigers as the heavy favorite, picking a winner beforehand is as uncertain as trying to determine who the Giant’s best pitcher is at the moment. I mean, the guy who won all their Cy Young’s is now a middle reliever. What gives?

In the playoffs, I picked the Tigers over the A’s and Yankees. They seemed like pretty safe (and super accurate) choices. On the flip side, I picked the Reds over the Giants (and for the Reds to make it all the way to the Series), and the Cardinals over the Giants. So who am I picking now?

Congratulations San Franciscans, you are now the new Boston Red Sox fans of Major League Baseball. And by that, I mean the most obnoxious fans in the sport.

Fool me once, fool me twice, you know the rest.

Giants in six. 

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