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Brought To You In 5000 Frames-Per-Second

In MLB on October 29, 2012 at 1:26 pm

By Jonathan Danielson

Did anyone else think the 2012 Post Season was a little more epic then, say, ever before?

There were bizarre Wild Card games, series comebacks, sweeps, more comebacks, and finally the final sweep. In the World Series, it was the overwhelming favorites versus the scrappy underdogs everyone thought had no right to be there. It was the expected battling the destined. The Talent against The Momentum.

And to top it off, it was all shown in dramatically epic 5000 frames-per-second.

Hunter Pence became the first player ever to hit a ball three times during the same swing. At least, because of 5000 fps, that we know of.

Fox Sports have been accused of a lot things when it comes to their sports broadcasts. They’ve been accused of the Joe Buck bias. Of artificially creating theater during games that lack any. And with the introduction of the super slow-motion cameras, that could have been the case this Post Season as well.

Instead, the new technology heightened the drama on the field and on our televisions, instead of manufactured it. It enhanced rather than overwhelmed.

And when it came down to the final out, when the backup closer for the Giants, who has had to live in the shadow of the beard he replaced earlier in the season, eyed down the Tigers final batter, who happens to be the first Triple Crown winner since 1967, it was as theatrically dramatic as it was in real life, bending arms, and vibrating bats, and bulging neck veins and all.

No matter who you rooted for this post season, regardless of if your team won it all or lost, it sure was a hell of a show.


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