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At Least They Still Have the New Stadium And Ugly New Logo?

In MLB on November 14, 2012 at 7:07 am

By Jonathan Danielson

With word coming out yesterday that the Miami Marlins agreed to send Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle and the rest of the team to the Toronto Blue Jays, the Marlins have taken the last step of deconstructing the team they spent a small fortune to construct last offseason.

“I cut off my dreads for this?”

Their self-destruction started much earlier of course, when the team failed to live up to any of the lofty expectations everyone had. After that, it was all but inevitable (knowing their history) that they would try to dump major salaries, and did so by shipping third basemen shortstop Hanley Ramirez and pitcher Randy Choateto to the Dodgers, pitcher Edward Mujica to the Cardinals, first basemen Gaby Sanchez to the Pirates, and pitcher Heath Bell to the Diamondbacks.

Oh, and they also finally fired manager Ozzie Guillen, six months after he publicly commented how he respected Fidel Castro. I did mention the Marlins play in Miami, right?

Either way, a big congratulations now has to go out to Marlins General Manager, Michael Hill, and owner Jeffrey Loria, for they have just proven to the rest of the world what southern Florida has known for a very, very long time. The Miami Marlins, despite their two World Series Championships, are the worst run team in all of Major League Baseball. And this last fire sale only cemented that fact.

For Sale: Entire Major league roster. Great deal! Must see!

The Marlins have now officially turned fire sales into an art and franchise pastime. They did it after their 1997 World Series, when they dumped players like Moisés Alou, Kevin Brown, Bobby Bonilla, Gary Sheffield, Charles Johnson, Jim Eisenreich, and Manuel Barrios. After their 2003 World Series, they failed to hold on to talents Derek Lee, World Series MVP Josh Beckett, and future Triple Crown Winner Miguel Cabrera for only a few seasons afterward.

And now they’ve done it again, only this time without winning anything. After years of having the lowest payroll in the league, the Marlins took public money and built a brand spanking new stadium. To honor such a spectacle, they went out and blew their wad on some of the best free agents on the market. Then, when all the hype over the new field, the orange hats, and everything else died down, they packed it all up and shipped it all out, like a freak show circus leaving in the middle of the night.

And they did so without even giving that talented of a team a full season under proper leadership. They blew it up before they ever gave it a chance. This is an embarrassment to the MLB, to the city of Miami, to baseball fans, and to every potential owner who wants to buy a team, but has to sit by while Loria runs the Marlins into the ground.

“Seriously, nothing good comes from the Marlins, except getting hit to the face with a fastball!”

As proven by yesterday, signing Reyes and Buehrle and Bell and everyone else, and hiring Guillen was all for show. Loria never expected the guys to win, he never expected the guys he paid top dollar for to stick around after the festivities died down. After the spotlight moved away from south Florida. Instead, it was all like the Bird’s Nest of the 2008 Bejing Olympics. When everyone was watching, it was all sparkling and clean and fireworks, fireworks, fireworks, but as soon as everyone went home, it went back just the way it always was; dirty and depressing and not much to look at.

All I know is, is that if I were living in Miami, I would record every game the Heat play this year, just to have something worth watching when the long days of the summer come around.


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