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Not The Time Or Place, Bob

In Media, NFL on December 3, 2012 at 3:40 pm

By Jonathan Danielson

By now, we all know what happened in Kansas City over the weekend. On Saturday morning, linebacker Jovan Belcher killed Kasandra Perkins, his girlfriend, then went to the Chiefs practice facility and killed himself in front of Head Coach Romeo Crennel, and General Manager Scott Pioli.

Against the conventional wisdom, and despite calls to cancel or postpone Sunday’s game, the Chiefs went on to  beat the Carolina Panthers the very next day. Fortunately, while taking a moment of silence for victims of domestic violence, the Chiefs did not glorify Belcher. They did not recognize a man who murdered his girlfriend and left his three-month old child an orphan. Instead, the Chiefs organization decided to keep things in perspective.

Unfortunately, Bob Costa did not feel the same way later in the night, and instead used his halftime commentary for the Cowboys/Eagles Sunday Night Football game to grandstand and politicize a tragedy into a cry for gun control.

Before I published this article, I wrote a 500 words counter argument to Costas’s claims, then realized my opinion, much like his, is irrelevant at this time. Even if I would have published it, you, the reader, would have read it on a website which you knowingly and willfully clicked on. Costas, on the other hand, used his halftime appearance as an inappropriate opportunity to capitalize on his political views. To push his agenda on an unsuspecting audience. The bodies haven’t even been buried yet, the families not given time to grieve, yet Costas hijacked the moment to pimp his opinions.

Last night Bob Costas was no better than the West Baptist Church, making sure someone, anyone, everyone, heard his message at the most inopportune time. There is a time and place for arguments and discussions, and last night was not one of them. Last night should have been a moment for families to grieve, or an opportunity to educate on organizations who can help in cases of domestic violence.

But now, it’s an opportunity lost.

If you or anyone you know needs help escaping domestic violence, please visit these sites and organizations:

  1. I don’t know that I agree with this one. He had a chance to speak to a HUGE audience, made up predominantly of males, who (I’m hypothesizing) are responsible for most of the gun violence in this country.

    He did not say anything about politics. In fact, he spoke about culture. He did not describe any legislation keeping guns out of people’s hands, in fact he simply referred to the (factual) notion that by carrying a gun, it is more likely that it will be used, for less serious things. He did not once mention the Second Amendment, or approach the idea of infringing on rights. Instead, he was merely trying to reach the next Zimmerman, or Belcher. I say good for him.

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