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We’re Back!

In College, MLB, MMA, NBA, NFL, NHL on January 7, 2013 at 10:34 am

By Jonathan Danielson

I know we’re a week late on this, but Happy New Year everyone, to one and all.

Right click here, and play the video in the background while you read this article.

Right-click here, and play the video in the background while you read the article.

And while I know it’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted anything (except Carosi valiantly coming through with an NFL Playoff article last week), I’m excited to announce that Hittoleftfield is back from our well-deserved holiday hiatus, and will start 2013 with new articles, new insights, and maybe a new writer (or two) in the very foreseeable future.

So what did we miss while we were away?

Nothing really. Angels owner Arte Moreno woke up one day and decided to randomly give Josh Hamilton $125 million dollars. “Black Monday” saw seven coaches and a bunch of GM’s get canned. Because I was on vacation, I couldn’t do my final NFL Power Rankings (1. Denver, 2. Seattle, 3. Who Cares?) update my current playoff picks (I chose every team that won yesterday), or my give a new and shiny Super Bowl prediction.

(Side Note: I started the season with a Baltimore/San Francisco, but am now totally on board with a Seattle/Denver. Think about it; in order for that old AFC West showdown to happen, Seattle would have to beat #1-seed Atlanta, which is totally doable since #1-seeds rarely make it to the Super Bowl, and, in their last three playoff appearance, the Falcons have lost to Arizona (2008), Green Bay (2010), and New York (2011). What do those three teams have in common? They all went on to become the eventual NFC Champion. Seattle would then go against either their current divisional rival, the San Francisco 49ers, or in the more desirable matchup, Green Bay, the victim of the Monday Night Fiasco,and we all know how that went down. 

On the flip side, Denver would have to beat the current team from Baltimore with the old quarterback of the old team from Baltimore, then, since Houston won’t beat the Patriots, will have to go against the Golden Boy himself, Tom Brady, in a classic Brady-Manning Bowl for the ages. If Houston does beat the Pats, which they won’t, Manning would then have to against the team he kept in the gutter for more than a decade. You couldn’t write a better story, and what helps this Seattle/Denver Super Bowl dream become even more realistic is that both teams are the hottest tickets in the NFL right now. Fingers crossed!)

We missed some other stuff too. Los Angeles became a Clippers town, the NHL labor dispute finally and mercifully ended, baseball writers everyone have publicly freaked out over how they’re filling-out their Hall of Fame ballots, Justin Upton is still on the trading block, Junior do Santos took a beating like the Terminator, and kept coming back for more, Chip Kelly is not leaving Oregon, Django Unchained was flipping awesome, and while that has nothing to do with anything about sports, I’m sure I would have found one way to include it in at least one article or another, and Rex Ryan revealed his horrible tattoo.

Which is worse? Rex got his wife tattooed, or that weird looking lady? That was a "Mark Sanchez is Rex Ryan's wife" joke. Oh, never mind.

Which is worse? Rex got his wife tattooed, or that weird looking lady? That was a “Mark Sanchez is really Rex Ryan’s wife” joke. Get it? Get it? Oh, never mind.

But let’s not dwell in the past, and what we’ve missed, and look forward, onward, into the future. Hittoleftfield is expanding, we are trying to bring you more and more content everyday, and for those of you who have read us from the start, or those of you who are reading your first article ever right, we thank you for your support, and your continued support into 2013.

Thanks for reading, and it’s nice to see you again. No matter how long a vacation, sometimes it’s good to finally come home.

Oh, and lastly, tonight Notre Dame plays Alabama in the BCS Championship game tonight. Like everyone else living in a state that wasn’t once part of the Confederacy, I’m rooting for Notre Dame, but I know Alabama will most likely win, because I know no one pays better than the SEC.

So Roll Tide, I guess.

Either way, thanks again, and stay tuned.


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