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Now That’s How You Coach!!!

In College on April 3, 2013 at 5:56 pm

By Mimmo Alfano

Kids today are so soft.

After compiling a magnificent 44-51 record (16-38 in the Big East) Rutgers Head Basketball Coach Mike Rice has been tragically fired for being a stickler at practice.  He’s yet another Coach to get the boot for adopting the Bob Knight style of coaching –  “A little systematic abuse never hurt anybody.”  Honestly though, shouldn’t we be castigating the real culprits?  The players.


Bob Knight “coaches up” Neil Reed at a 1997 Indiana Practice. “All we are sayin is give choking your players a chance” — John Lennon. Photo courtesy of

Nowadays coaches have little to no leeway in physically dominating their charges.  What kind of programs are we running when we can no longer bean players in the back of the heads with basketballs; hurl homophobic slurs at them; or give them a good old fashioned kicking or punching.

Kids should know that in order to be successful you’re gonna need a Chris Brown in your life to control you psychologically, and to remind you who’s boss every know and then with a solid thrashing.  How else are we going to control these giant athletes other than showing them that people much smaller and weaker than them get to berate them and make them feel small when they play a sport.  The NCAA needs to get their act together and ban cameras from practices so that coaches will feel safe to properly run practices free from the fears of investigations, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, or angry parents.


Mike Rice reminds his players that he will give them brain damage if they don’t box out. Photo courtesy of

Unlike other more cowardly coaches, such as Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy, who protect, defend, and stand up for their players, Mike Rice has shown that having little to no respect for a young adult is the way to build a successful program and to help them grow into healthy people; he’s clearly a fantastic coach and his record at Rutgers speaks for itself.

To his credit, Mike Rice has apologized for his actions, and as we all know that’s all that is required to be forgiven in the modern day of sports and thankfully, he’ll likely coach again.  Until then, teams full of coddled, spoiled, unafraid and unabused players will continue to play for coaches who have to get the best out of them without being able to give them a good ol’ fashioned whoopin’.


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