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Heat Fans Reserved Moving into Next Round

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By Mimmo AlfanoImage

By Mimmo Alfano

As the Miami Heat advanced to the Conference Semi-Finals of the NBA Playoffs Heat fans, known nationally for their reserved and calm demeanor when assessing their team, typically remain cautious.

One Heat fan, Alexandria Sanchez, was unsure of the Heat’s chances when asked about them sweeping the Milwaukee Bucks, “Well, I’m sure we’ll be the first team to never lose a playoff game on the way to the title,” Sanchez hesitantly opined,  “But that’s not absurd, that’s just the truth.”

The Heat were able to get past the Bucks in Game 4 without Dwayne Wade, one of their vaunted Big Three.  When questioned about Wade’s sitting out, South Florida resident and Heat follower Juan Vila was apprehensive, “the Heat would still win the Championship without Wade.”  He later added, “(They should) rest Wade until the finals and start Mike Miller.”  Sanchez also was nervous about Wade’s injury and was happy to see the Heat resting after such a struggle of a series, “My step dad just saw Ray Allen for the second day in a row on the golf course; the Heat have already won the championship and that’s why they’re golfing.”


Ray Allen is reportedly busy watching tape on their possible next opponents. Photo courtesy of

Randy Barcelo, a South Florida transplant living in the heart of Bulls territory was perhaps the most hesitant about the Heat going forward, “Lebron will finish the playoffs averaging a quadruple double, with the Heat not losing a single quarter. Mario Chalmers a.k.a. “Mr. Clutch” will hit 48 buzzer beaters at the end of each quarter for the rest of the playoffs. Norris Cole will record 387 steals and Juwan Howard will average a double-double.  Wade will block every 7 footer in the league (including those not in the playoffs).”

The Heat’s biggest challengers out of the East are the New York Knicks.  Unlike the Heat supporters Knicks fans are overwhelmingly confident about their team.  “I dunno about them this year. Carmelo Anthony scores a lot but they aren’t a team.  They can’t even sweep Boston, how are they gonna win against the Heat?!” crooned New York born Mick Alfano.  When asked about potentially facing off against the Knicks later in the playoffs, the Knicks’ 3-0 regular season record against the Heat clearly had Juan Vila concerned, “The Knicks [will be] lucky if they win a game when they play the Heat in the playoffs.”

When asked about a possible re-match with the Oklahoma City Thunder if the Heat were to make a return to the Finals, Barcelo was reluctant to think that far ahead,  “In the Finals Bosh will transform into an actual Raptor and bite Kevin Durant’s head off in the closing seconds of the championship clinching game.”


Will Bosh reach his final form during the remainder of the playoffs? Photo courtesy of

Special thanks to Alex, Juan, Randy and my dad for the quotes!


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